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THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! To me, at least. Is the same music performed both nights for the Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy concert (featuring Nobuo Uematsu)? I would like to only travel to the New York show one night, however the program says the music is "subject to change" and the New York program has different music listed for both nights--and "One-Winged Angel" is not listed EITHER NIGHT!!

Does anyone know what the program will be like DEFINITELY? If you've gone before, what was it like? The songs I want to hear the most are "One-Winged Angel", "Opera 'Maria and Draco'", "Prelude", "Terra's Theme", and "Aerith's Theme"... if it matters. Thanks a lot!


Jul. 28th, 2010 05:51 pm
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I'm looking into getting a few tattoos. I've already got two--one kanji one the back of each shoulder (insanity on the left and clarity on the right). I really want to get a few more, one for each fandom that I'm in or for quotes I like, that sort of thing. However, I'm stuck for good pics.

I REALLY want to get Chrono, Marle, and Lucca doing Delta Force from Chrono Trigger, but I can't find a good screenshot ANYWHERE. Does anyone have one? Or know where I can find one? I mean, a screenshot like something in-between 0:23-0:35 in this YouTube vid.

Other ideas include some important symbols:
- Nobody
- Heartless
- crossed-out Konoha
- Star Trek badge - upper left one

I'd also like to get some pictures:
- Sasuke and Naruto at the Valley of the End
- Batman and Joker in The Killing Joke - I've got an icon of the scene I want under the keyword "TDK batman/joker killing joke epic"
- Maybe something for Riku/Sora?

But IDEK. It's very difficult to decide. Really, I want to get short phrases that one of the guys in my OTPs use to describe the other one. But I can't think of anything good! I need SOMETHING for all of these:
- Kirk/Spock
- Sam/Dean
- Fraser/Kowalski
- Sheppard/McKay
- Batman/Joker
- Holmes/Watson
- Riku/Sora
- Sasuke/Naruto
- Harry/Draco
That's, like, the ABSOLUTE least and I know there's more I want, anyway. But SRSLY, good quotes one says about the other one, used descriptively? Thoughts, anyone? *headdesk*


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