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If any of you have NOT seen the new H50 with the EPIC GAY THAT IT CONTAINS, I suggest you stop whatever it is you're doing and go watch it. LIEK RITE NAO H'OKAY? I'll be trolling LJ for comms and shit, so far I've found [livejournal.com profile] stevedannoslash, whuich really seems to be most relevant to my interests. YOU GUYZ. THIS IS FUCKING PHENOMENAL SAUCE. (Yes. I'm already ficcing it. WHAT OKAY WHAT.)

If you need to be convinced, go here because [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius makes a pretty fucking good argument.


Also, I'm starting a Dreamwidth account because [livejournal.com profile] ladydeth12 is awesome and invited me. IDK what I'm gonna DO with it yet since I'm barely online as it is, but I'm glad I have it anyway. We shall see.

I'm off to go watch more Hawaii Five-0. Which, in case I've been too subtle here, is the gayest fucking show on right now and totally needs to be seen by all slashers everywhere.

I MEAN IT PEOPLE. You can thank me later.
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...and do other stuff too! And not having a working copy of ANYTHING at my house is driving me IN-FUCKING-SANE!! I've been DYING to vid Homicide. AND I CAN'T. ARGH!! Not that anyone but me cares or would watch it, but the point is that I should be able to. ARGLEFUFFERS. *headdesk*

So some of my icons are randomly deciding to hide from me. That's all right. I'll find them. I'LL FIND THEM ALL.

I've been meta-ing random stuff using notepad, but I think I might cry if I have to do that anymore.

Fandom schedule: finish Homicide s4, SPN (get up-to-date), finish Xena, finish X-Men: Evolution, finish The Hunger Games series.

I'm going to make na attempt to copy all my fic to alternate files to try and work on them at some later point. IDEK tho. It might not work. It might also screw up the format, but I can fix that with time and patience. Hmm.

TTYL flist. ILU all. ♥

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OK, I've got MASSIVE COMPUTER PROBLEMS. And am in DIRE need of assistance.

Too long and annoying to post normally, so click here! )
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So now that my paid account has renewed, I can have an extra five userpics!! YAY!! This is AWESOME news since I desperately need to have more icons for newer (and older) fandoms.

I just finished season 1 of Homicide: Life on the Streets, and HOMG it is AMAZING!!!!! Like, I-need-to-inject-the-rest-of-the-show-into-my-viens good. I am really feeling it. I'd like to see Tim Bayliss and Frank Pembleton get together, and I got a semi-spoiler that Tim's bi so it's POSSIBLE, but we shall see. But there's like... NO FIC. Or vids. Or icons. OR ANYTHING. And THAT would be why I HATE being so late to the party.

I'm three episodes from the end of Xena (O.M.G.) and half a season away from the end of X-Men: Evolution. So, really, the fact that I haven't posted any fic is all a matter of PERSPECTIVE, since I've been watching all this other fandom stuff.

I will NEVER get tired of the expression "I swing both Rays." EVER. I don't care that I don't ACTUALLY like both (I'm a Fraser/Kowalski whore), but come on. THE EXPRESSION. \o/

Um, that's it. No fic today either. Please don't send assassins after me at my place of residence? Work would be better. :D
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OK, flist, perhaps all of your gorgeous, intelligent people can help me. I'm trying to find an artist who'd be willing to draw a tribal-esque (or sketchy) multi-fandom tattoo for me. It would most like be a leg sleeve (probably). The fandoms might change, but right now they're Star Trek, Supernatural, Due South, Stargate Atlantis, Harry Potter, Batman, Kingdom Hearts, and Naruto. It should be someone who can do really strong, really clear line art--preferably black and white.

Here's one example of something similar to what I mean: http://tidus-902000.deviantart.com/art/Final-Fantasy-VII-10th-104467049. This one's not as clean-cut as I'd like, but still: http://besttatto99.blogspot.com/2011/01/batman-tattoosm-kissing.html.

So, IDK. If anyone knows anyone who's willing to work with me on this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I've been looking around for a willing artist, but it's REALLY hard. *headdesk*
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THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! To me, at least. Is the same music performed both nights for the Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy concert (featuring Nobuo Uematsu)? I would like to only travel to the New York show one night, however the program says the music is "subject to change" and the New York program has different music listed for both nights--and "One-Winged Angel" is not listed EITHER NIGHT!!

Does anyone know what the program will be like DEFINITELY? If you've gone before, what was it like? The songs I want to hear the most are "One-Winged Angel", "Opera 'Maria and Draco'", "Prelude", "Terra's Theme", and "Aerith's Theme"... if it matters. Thanks a lot!
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I think I would probably KILL THEM.

No srsly, IDK. I KNOW I would sue them. And discredit them in every way possible. But, I mean, wouldn't everyone?
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I am in DESPERATE NEED of completing some fic. Like, some one-shots that have quick payoff or something. But ALAS, apparently I am INCAPABLE of writing anything smaller than 10 GAZILLION words long. IDEK. *headdesk*

In further news, I HATE OPEN OFFICE. Srsly? Who the fuck can use that program?! That white screen gives me an enormous headache whenever I try to use it. So, for the time being, I've been using notepad. NOTEPAD, okay? Notepad. FML.

I think I should really try to just suck it up b/c if not I may die of lack of fanfic. Since my comp at home now doesn't open fic I saved from the internet, I am living in a total fic-less void of DOOM. I've managed to convert some MHT files to HTML, which makes them open-able, but that's about as far as I can get, b/c then you get things like a mash-up of HTML code and a word or two. Sigh.

OK, I've got to go do RL stuff now b/c life continues to FAIL and require my attention. Stupid life. Doesn't the world know I've got fic to write? I MEAN SRSLY NAO.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHNNY CASH!! John Sheppard's love for you makes you worth my time. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Feb. 18th, 2011 02:40 pm
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Yes, I'm posting. There was disaster in my life (water damage thanks to an idiot upstairs neighbor who attached a hose to a sink -- SRSLY WTF) and then more disaster (my computer broke DDDDX), but I'm actually doing OK right now. Not that any of you care at all about that. :P

I've decided not to post Apogee until I have about another 100 pages or so done sequentially from where I'm at now. After thinking it over, it really works out better this way. I'd rather not take a long break again. I really should've just finished it before I started posting, but I got excited. Stupid me.

I'm also almost finished watching Xena. LOLWTF I know. But still. Perhaps worth a mention?

I really need a better time-management system. And to get online every day. Or at least get the internet at my house, I mean REALLY.

ALSO: would anyone be willing to help me on a long-term original novel? I need general opinions, that sort of thing. I'm sick of making money by working retail--I need to be a paid author!! *headdesk* It's urban fantasy, FYI. Just let me know. I need some honest feedback about my stuff, and opinions about characters, plots, etc. YES.

ALSO: I am really working on going to some conventions this year and getting one or two more tattoos. WE SHALL SEE.

I still love you all, even if you have forgotten me. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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I am having SERIOUS difficulty choosing students to be in school with Iceman, Pyro, Rogue, Jubilee, Kitty, and Colossus in this movieverse fic I'm working on. I know I never talk about X-Men here, but on the off chance someone's aware of some info, could you please pass it on?

I figured maybe the New Mutants, original team with Karma, Dani, Sam, etc? Maybe some of the Generation X and X-Men: Evolution kids? Really, I need a mutant who fits in with the whole rebel thing that Pyro's got going--besides Remy and Lance. I was thinking, maybe Tabitha?

This whole concept of characters in the movieverse being the wrong ages than characters in the comics are is annoying. *headdesk*

EDIT: Also, I think the characters from Runaways and Young Avenegers would be AWESOME, but they're not exactly X-Men and anyway, maybe they're too recent for everyone to know? IDEK. I'd really like a guy telepath, though. Any ideas? I never realized how many telepaths were chicks in the X-verse before. *le sigh*
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And that's a fact. I'm here again! See?! I meant it about trying to get online more! We'll see how it goes.

I've got to save a bunch of fics and stuff and reply to comments because people were AWESOME and rec'd me stuff when I asked. THANK YOU, FLIST. This will not be forgotten. *loves upon*

I think my goal today is to save Pyro/Iceman movieverse stuff. Because "Overture" by [livejournal.com profile] wax_jism has eaten my mind. But also? Like It's Quidditch has taken a place in my mind, and I've been humming it ALL DAY LONG. That, and "By Way of Sorrow" by Lucy Kaplansky, which SOMEBODY made an EPICLY AMAZING Jack/Daniel vid to, but they didn't put credits in the vid. And I forgot where I saved it from yesterday. Ah, well.

I'll be around until about 8:30-ish. XD

EDIT: Fixed the link!


Jan. 1st, 2011 07:44 am
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OMG, have you guys seen this fic "Observations" by [livejournal.com profile] anon_j_anon? It's got 262 chapters! TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY TWO FUCKING CHAPTERS!! >O<;; I am in a state of fucking epic shock. Also, sadness, b/c there's no dl file and I don't have the time to load and save 262 internet pages. So I guess I will never read this Spork epic of love. DDDX

I'm getting kicked off and I still need fics and vids!! And art, icons, and fanmixes!! DAMMIT. *stomps foot*

So, can anyone rec really great fandom stuff for any of these pairings: Spork, FrayK, McShep, Fawkes/Hobbes, or Xena/Gabrielle? I REALLY WANT DADT MCSHEP FIC. Is there a rec list somewhere? OH PLEASE PLEASE FLIST ASSIST ME AND I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER.



Jan. 1st, 2011 03:52 am
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And also attempting to catch up on internetz things. I'm slogging through my 1,137 unread e-mails (DDDX) and replying to LJ, FB, FFN, YT, and twitter posts and comments. I'm going to try and do this for the next few days until I'm caught up. It's my goal to be around more and active online this year! *fistpump*

So if you get replies from me to messages that you sent in like, uh, February, no worries. You can ignore them. I'm just getting to everything now. *headdesk*

Also, I must get more fic, vids, icons, and fanmixes for McShep, FrayK, and Arthur/Eames. There's like nothing new on my home computer now! EPIC FAIL. So we'll fix that today.
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IDK. It all seems so ridiculous to me. I mean, pay hundreds-thousands of dollars for editors, ISBN, cover art, blah, blah blah, etc and then you get a small percentage of royalties. How can you even guarantee that what you earn back is going to be anywhere near what you put into it in the first place? And how can soemone who is poor, like me, get any kind of money to even begin to try self-publushing?

On the flip side, I've been told so many opposing things about agents. Some want money upfront, some only get paid if the book sells. Some are willing to work around your schedule, some want you to work around theirs. And so on. I just think I'm too annoyed with it all.

I would just love to finish my original, make it a PDF file, and sell it to people for $5 a pop. That's it. Is that too much to ask for, really?

What do you guys think? What's better? Or, would you actually buy a PDF file of a book for $5? Or does anyone have any really genius ideas? Because that would be AWESOME.

AS FOR EVERYTHING ELSE: Yes, I'm still writing Apogee and other fic. No, I'm not posting any today. Yes, I'm still watching shows and playing catch-up with video games, TV, movies, books, and comics. No, I'm not up to date in anything yet. I did just start Felicity, and I checked wikipedia to see who she ends up with, and I'll probably stop watching because I LOVE Noel and Ben's an asshole with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. OK. That's all. :D
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I just found out Satoshi Kon died! Oh my God. That is ridiculous. He's a popular anime director, for those of you not in the know. http://www.nypress.com/blog-7137-rip-satoshi-kon-(1963-2010).html

Also, I've just heard about this Tom Hardy movie Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy coming out in 2011 that's also starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Um... YAY EAMES AND BBC!SHERLOCK AS SPIES!! Gary Oldman's in it too. SIRIUS!! ♥

OMG JUST STUMBLED ACROSS X-Men: First Class, also in 2011. 2001 is going to ROCK for fandom movies. CHECK IT OUT. I AM SO EXCITED. \o/ \o/ \o/

OK going to save more pics for my epic tattoo now. TTYL. ♥

SUPERNATURAL S6 STARTS TONIGHT!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAYYY!!!! But I'm not watching it b/c I don't have TV so nobody tell me anything!! SPOILERS WILL BE MET WITH DEATH. KTHXBI.

EDIT: [livejournal.com profile] ladydeth12 sent [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow and me an e-card!! Read it here for awesome!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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They're taking down TxtLJ?!?! OH NOES!!1! Now how will I know if anyone replies to my posts? DISASTER.

Also, my tattoos are almost done in my head! I just need to finish the fireworks files and then edit them a bit to suit my individual needs. YAYZ. \o/

Also! I'm editing a moogle tattoo for [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow. YAY AGAIN. :D

ALSO. Apogee is not getting posted tomorrow unless another fifty hours are added to tonight.

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Does anyone know exactly what Tom Hardy's tattoos are/say? I've been trying to find pics, but it's near-impossible.

I put up a pageview thingy on my userinfo page! Right now, it says there's been one view in the US. That's me! :D No one else will ever show up on this thing, guaranteed.

Also, I'm putting up a poll because polls are fun. XD

[Poll #1619607]

TTYL, flist. ILU ALL HARD!! ♥
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So, maybe I'm way behind everyone else due to lack of internet, but WOW, fans are doing AMAZING things with Inception visuals and manips! I was looking through some, specifically fanmix covers, and can you say HOLY FUCKING SHIT?!?!! This shit is AWESOME!! Here's a few examples. But click on a few different pretty ones to see even MORE art! \o/

I DID NOT SEE RESIDENT EVIL 4. More's the pity. My poorness stopped me. I did go out to eat because Erin paid for [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow and me. YAY! And no, I didn't finish [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow's present in time, but I gave it to her half-finished and she loved it. :D \o/

PLEA FOR INTERVIEWS!! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] christycorr, I've now discovered keepvid! The sad part of this news is that I really can't find any of the vids I've been wanting to dl. Mainly, I'm looking for interviews between actors I ship (either them or the characters they play) and outtakes, stuff like that. So, um, if you know of any good URLs for gathering that sort of thing, please link me! RDJude and Holmes/Watson would be good, so would Paul Gross and CKR or FrayK, McShep and Joe/David, Arthur/Eames and JGLTH, Spork and Pinto, ETC. ETC. ETC. REMEMBER YOU LOVE ME. *headdesk*

Also, regarding my ongoing quest for awesome tattoos: what about the 15th pic down on this page, the one that says "You're dirty and you're sweet, you know you're everything to me"? Not the words, though, just the upside-down cards that spell out LOVE? I think that pic would ROCK!! It'd be perfect for so many fandoms too!! What say you, flist?


What is this re-post shenanigans? What does this mean, exactly? Also, what is this LJ drama going on now? Mods are un-flocking posts? That's full of fail.

I'll be dl-ing Arthur/Eames fanmixes while I browse LJ now. YAY. ♥
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LOL to this question. But actually, my birthday is September 10th, so people are constantly depressed and like "OMG tomorrow is awful" and I'm like "OMG today's my birthday!" It's got to be even worse for people born today. So...


Also, here's an interesting anecdote from my life. My 16th birthday was the day before the attacks. SO THIS IS AWESOME. Because [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow and I got our driver's licenses right before all the government offices shut down. Other people we knew born just after us (and somebody born just before us that was waiting to get his license) all had to wait a long as shit time to get theirs until the government re-opened stuff. I beat the system! \o/


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