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I am in DESPERATE NEED of completing some fic. Like, some one-shots that have quick payoff or something. But ALAS, apparently I am INCAPABLE of writing anything smaller than 10 GAZILLION words long. IDEK. *headdesk*

In further news, I HATE OPEN OFFICE. Srsly? Who the fuck can use that program?! That white screen gives me an enormous headache whenever I try to use it. So, for the time being, I've been using notepad. NOTEPAD, okay? Notepad. FML.

I think I should really try to just suck it up b/c if not I may die of lack of fanfic. Since my comp at home now doesn't open fic I saved from the internet, I am living in a total fic-less void of DOOM. I've managed to convert some MHT files to HTML, which makes them open-able, but that's about as far as I can get, b/c then you get things like a mash-up of HTML code and a word or two. Sigh.

OK, I've got to go do RL stuff now b/c life continues to FAIL and require my attention. Stupid life. Doesn't the world know I've got fic to write? I MEAN SRSLY NAO.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHNNY CASH!! John Sheppard's love for you makes you worth my time. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Feb. 18th, 2011 02:40 pm
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Yes, I'm posting. There was disaster in my life (water damage thanks to an idiot upstairs neighbor who attached a hose to a sink -- SRSLY WTF) and then more disaster (my computer broke DDDDX), but I'm actually doing OK right now. Not that any of you care at all about that. :P

I've decided not to post Apogee until I have about another 100 pages or so done sequentially from where I'm at now. After thinking it over, it really works out better this way. I'd rather not take a long break again. I really should've just finished it before I started posting, but I got excited. Stupid me.

I'm also almost finished watching Xena. LOLWTF I know. But still. Perhaps worth a mention?

I really need a better time-management system. And to get online every day. Or at least get the internet at my house, I mean REALLY.

ALSO: would anyone be willing to help me on a long-term original novel? I need general opinions, that sort of thing. I'm sick of making money by working retail--I need to be a paid author!! *headdesk* It's urban fantasy, FYI. Just let me know. I need some honest feedback about my stuff, and opinions about characters, plots, etc. YES.

ALSO: I am really working on going to some conventions this year and getting one or two more tattoos. WE SHALL SEE.

I still love you all, even if you have forgotten me. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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IDK. It all seems so ridiculous to me. I mean, pay hundreds-thousands of dollars for editors, ISBN, cover art, blah, blah blah, etc and then you get a small percentage of royalties. How can you even guarantee that what you earn back is going to be anywhere near what you put into it in the first place? And how can soemone who is poor, like me, get any kind of money to even begin to try self-publushing?

On the flip side, I've been told so many opposing things about agents. Some want money upfront, some only get paid if the book sells. Some are willing to work around your schedule, some want you to work around theirs. And so on. I just think I'm too annoyed with it all.

I would just love to finish my original, make it a PDF file, and sell it to people for $5 a pop. That's it. Is that too much to ask for, really?

What do you guys think? What's better? Or, would you actually buy a PDF file of a book for $5? Or does anyone have any really genius ideas? Because that would be AWESOME.

AS FOR EVERYTHING ELSE: Yes, I'm still writing Apogee and other fic. No, I'm not posting any today. Yes, I'm still watching shows and playing catch-up with video games, TV, movies, books, and comics. No, I'm not up to date in anything yet. I did just start Felicity, and I checked wikipedia to see who she ends up with, and I'll probably stop watching because I LOVE Noel and Ben's an asshole with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. OK. That's all. :D

RL sucks

Jul. 22nd, 2010 03:13 pm
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Well, it does though! And it keeps me away from the internet for long periods of time. I do not appreciate that. AT ALL. I will eventually write a post about RL drama, but in the meantime, know that I am very angry at reality and have decided to smite it down with wrathful anger. And also slash.

I got a formspring account! It's here: http://formspring.me/kowaiyoukai. So hopefully that won't blow up in my face. I need to check twitter and facebook and myspace, but see, I just kind of don't care enough to do it. Meh. Whatever.

Re: fics! I'm working on them. WHAT?! Well, I am. I'm actually working on TOO many fics at the moment. Also vids. And a fanmix. I SUCK OKAY. I JUST SUCK. THAT'S ALL.

REQUEST! I'm looking for the McShep vid "Jolene". It was recced to me but I can't find a dl of it anywhere. Anybody know where I can get it? Pretty please with Sheppard on top? XD

RE: APOGEE. Okay, look. I've got a lot more written, but I've made an executive decision. I'm going to wait until I finish (or am very nearly finished with) the first part before I put it up. Then I can update frequently and there'll be less stress for everyone involved. So if you've got any good reasons why this is a bad idea, say them now. :P

I'm working on my original novel, too. I've decided a few things about it that will probably mean it's impossible to get published, but FUCK IT. It's my novel and I'll do what I please with it.

Also, I really think it stinks that we don't have more good subtexty gay couples. I mean really now. I think Due South spoiled me rotten. D:

I'm also looking for fic recs for good stories for FrayK, McShep, Hotson, and Spork! Feel free to send links or rec lists my way if you've got them readily available.

I'm off to catch the train to work. TTYL, flist!! ILU ALL!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

P.S. I meant it about the Apogee thing. If anybody has a better idea than posting it when it's all finished, let me know. Since it looks like posting it as it's written isn't doing so great. STUPID NOT HAVING THE INTERNET AT MY HOUSE. *headdesk*
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So there's good news and bad news. The good news is that I meant to update Apogee today, but I couldn't finish it last night because of added witty banter, so it'll be up tomorrow b/c I'M STAYING UP ALL NIGHT TO FINISH IT. The bad news is that I didn't finish the prequel is time for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang, and life is full of pain for me about it. I'm hoping to finish the prequel soon, but right now I've stopped working on it to go back to the main story.

ALSO! I got a job so I'll have less time to write, and I've got to work on my original too. I'm still aiming for once a week updates, but getting online is becoming more and more of a chore. *headdesk*

I'M SO SORRY FOR THE INCREDIBLY LONG WAIT!! Gargh. I'll try to do better from now on.

There are three main factors to my slow Apogee updating, in case you're curious.

1- I got a job so now I've got way less time to write in. (Worth re-stating, IMHO.)
2- In order to write, I usually have to stay up until around 4 or 5 in the morning before I get in the mood to write, and by then sometimes I'm too tired to do anything.
3- I was lured away by other ST fic and the new season of SPN. But I'm still working on it! It's just... ST FIC AND SPN!! *pines*

[Poll #1462134]

DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THIS POLL. I'm only asking b/c I think it's going to take a long time to finish the Apogee story. At first I thought it'd take maybe six months, but it's been like four or five months and it's not where it should be, so now I'm thinking closer to two years. If I update weekly, or at least write a chapter each week, that is. That's either really great or really terrible news, I'm not sure which.

Re: TV Shows and Movies! I watched the first two seasons (almost) of Skins and thought they were great. I FUCKING LOVED "Shelter" and "Were the World Mine"--highly rec'd to anyone who enjoys gay cinema, or gay interest films, or whatever the fuck they're calling them nowadays. And I am on SGA 2x05-ish, and I'm taking EXTENSIVE episode notes on the McShep development. I plan on compiling them into an essay on the canonity (HA HA LOOK AT THAT FUCKING WORD) of their relationship. NO SPOILERS PLEASE I HAVEN'T FINISHED IT YET!! I'm also watching SPN s5, and as my default icon suggests, ANYONE WHO SPOILS ME FOR SPN S5 WILL BE SHOT IN THE FACE WITH A MACHETE. Just FYI.

I got over 1,000 new songs that I'm slowly going through. [livejournal.com profile] fanmix has been very helpful in finding great new music. "You're the Only One" by Maria Mena is FUCKING AWESOME and I'm loving all of my John Sheppard and McShep mixes. ♥

I've updated my icons! YAY! So that's fun times. And I'll catch up on responding to comments (including replies to my fanmix and Apogee 10a) tomorrow when I post 10b. I also have some friending to do, apparently.

ILU FLIST!! See you soon. ♥
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I'm in the middle of vol. 7 (I think) of Y: the Last Man. AND still in the middle of Gaiman's Sandman. Finished Preacher a while back.

Why am I telling you all this especially b/c you don't care at all? It's b/c I just bought the Return of Magic arc, and now I've got to get all the Runaways, New X-Men (Academy X), and Young Avengers TBPs if I want to grasp wtf is going on. AND ALSO!! Did you guys know there is an openly gay couple in Young Avengers? OMG BC I DID NOT KNOW THIS, and really I would have picked it up earlier if I had known. There's also gay characters in New X-Men, but they're not in any relationships, so...

Yeah. But this makes me think perhaps I should be way more forthcoming about who's gay and who's with who in DH. WHAT SAY YOU, FLIST? Is it better to have characters who are obviously gay (from the get-go, I mean, like you have them stating it or kissing somebody or something like that), or is it better to have it revealed over time? I lean towards the slow reveal, personally, but maybe we're at a point now where we all just need to say fuck it and make things obvious?

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And by that, I mean I'm working on my lesbian story. OMG, it is verreh, verreh hard. I have this instinctive urge to put in hot guys, and I'm like, no, NO, most resist! There must be hot girls, hot GIRLS! *headdesk*

So, what makes a girl hot? Any ideas? I should get this right for DH, too, actually.

OH! And I can see now that twitter is posting to my LJ when I'm unable to get online. YAY! This means my LJ won't be completely dead for half the week anymore. Although perhaps I need to consider which icon is best? But the Merlin's balls HP/Merlin x-over icon is so fucking epic and win, you know it's true.

And finally! I've converted two people to Harry/Draco and one of them agreed to look over DH (and by agreed, I mean she sort of begged me and was like "OMG that sounds so cool I will totally love to read that when it's out" and I was like "well, I do need people to read it now, you know, if you want" and she was like "I WANT") which is quite awesome, all things considered.

WRITING: wrote three poems for class, next scene of DH for class, and totally stuck on lesbian story for class. I must send that out tonight, no matter how un-finished it is. *le sigh*
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No seriously. It's awesome. THE EYESEX. THEY ARE ALWAYS HAVING IT. And I'm currently working on two fanfics--one for [livejournal.com profile] ladydeth12--a late birthday H/D-M/A x-over thingy--and a longer more epic-ish one.

Other fic updates!!

- TBKS - working on the next chapter. PATIENCE.
- Metanoia - Yeah. That's going to take a while.
- SPN fics I owe - slowly but surely!
- Batman/Joker fics I owe - ever slower and less sure?

AND THE ORIGINAL!! Which I love. And [livejournal.com profile] rdallyn has read it and loves upon it, which makes me happy and squeeful. JOY. \o/
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Yeah, so this weekend [livejournal.com profile] jelost visited and we hung around and did basically nothing. Caught up on SPN! WOOT WOOT!! ♥ But we also watched the first three eps of Dollhouse, and I have to say, both [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow and I agree that this is one of the worst shows EVAR. Echo is a dumbshit. -_-;;

I wrote more on my original novel this weekend! YAY! And I wrote the beginning of an Arthur/Merlin dramatic epic, which might rock, and I worked on a few one-shots, which might also rock. Everything will probably get posted in one huge spam session at some point after my graduation.

I'M GRADUATING IN, LIEK, A MONTH U GAIZ. *flails* What will I do with my hard-earned master's degree? Probably nothing. SUCH IS LIFE. *headdesk*

And OMG random--I got a bunch of comments on TBKS the past few days. Yay, but what? I'm shocked anyone is still reading it. IT WILL BE FINISHED AT SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE. KEEP WAITING.

And question about my original novel: who would you prefer to see confess, the more dominant action-hero type guy or the more submissive angsty guy? Well, both of them are angsty. BUT STILL. Think of it like this: is it better when Naruto/Sam/Merlin/Taichi confesses or when Sasuke/Dean/Arthur/Yamato confesses? THOUGHTS!! Maybe Dean and Sam should be switched to the other categories? *headdesk* Whatever. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
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So, I'm on Spring Break now. And although I thought I'd be able to write fic, turns out I'm swamped with original stuff. AGAIN. *headdesk* I owe people like 38473828347348489 fics by now. ;_;

So I need some people who want to read this section of my original novel and tell me how much it sucks. That would be awesome. I've actually got three stories in the works right now (make that seven, come to think of it), all of which are at least novella-length, but I need some fandom-ish feedback on my thesis. And really, any kind of feedback at all since what I'm getting from my prof SUCKS ASS BALLS. So, please, if you're free and bored or just curious to see my original stuff, comment and I'll send it to you!!

Also, three cool new awesome people have joined LJ--[livejournal.com profile] angeluseverto, [livejournal.com profile] sebastjaan, [livejournal.com profile] rhiannonnymph01--all from the SPN NJ con. And they need help in navigating LJ. So, where can I link them to, like, how-to guides or some such? I tried looking around but I fail at navigating FAQs. ;_;

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I'm in the middle of a bunch of fics and my original stories. What should I concentrate more on finishing? I could get through more of my originals if I stopped ficcing... but then I'd stop ficcing!! Thoughts?

Also, I need an idea about where to go for publishing articles. Anyone know anything about this?
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OMG, working on like eight fics people. It is crazy. And my orific, which is actually really easy to write and I love it. [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow is already planning up a fandom for it. :P

I've been on http://www.behindthename.com/ checking the names of my characters--so far everything looks good. But I need to continue in a very diligent manner.

I watched all of Dexter seaosn 3 yesterday. We were snowed in, what can I say? It was good, but OMG, please no more random plotlines that only serve to isolate Dexter further? THANK YOU.

And OMG, IMPORTANT!! Let's say I've got a creepy serial killer character in my orific. Girl or guy?!?! Which works better? [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow and I both thought that guy serial killers were a dime a dozen, and all/most of them hot and fangirlable, but girl serial killers are, like, impossible to find. So, should I add to the hot guy serial killers or make a hot chick serial killer? I'm thinking hot chick might be better... WHAT SAY YOU, FLIST?!?!
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A little while ago, [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow met Robert Leonard, the actor who plays Wilson on House. She got autographs for herself (obviously), me, [livejournal.com profile] jelost, and a RL friend. She posted about it on her LJ, if you care. It's not even like I like the show so much, but House/Wilson is one of the few American TV pairings I ship. So, here's my autograph from Wilson, joy and happiness!! ^_^*

Also, just a question. I've got a character in my orific who has lyrics from some emo song wrapping around his neck. I need meaningful, non-popular lyrics to a punk-ish or emo-esque song. They can be meaningful in any way--happy, depressing, love, life, hatred, friendship, family, etc. I need to collect some to figure out what it is I want it to say.

So, PLEASE, if anything comes to mind, please comment and let me know the song, artist, and lyrics! And, if you've got a copy of the song I could listen to, that would be awesome.

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Well, shit. I think this question was created for me. All of my pairings are non-canonical. ALL OF THEM. Sasuke/Naruto, Roy/Ed, Harry/Draco, Riku/Sora, Sam/Dean... take your pick, really. I mean, they're all obvious to me, but that doesn't mean everyone else gets them.

It's funny, but I've been thinking for a while that in my original I shouldn't have anyone get together with anyone. I've got three main pairings in it, and my first plan was to have characters get together at the end of the fourth book, kind of sort of maybe. But now I'm like, isn't it better to leave everything for fandom to freak out over? Hmm...
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So, I've been linked to two amazing things.

[livejournal.com profile] rdallyn ushered me to her LJ, where I found the new Joker comic!! It looks pretty fucking awesome, and you all should go and download it!!

Also, [livejournal.com profile] suvi83 introduced me to Lascaux from deviantart and her amazing Apples to Apples Batman comic! Which is clearly amazing. There are sixteen parts to it so far, and check out her gallery, or just the Apples to Apples section, to see them! It's probably funnier if you know the game, but still. AMAZING.

I'm working on finishing my SPN fics that are late, and the Christmas gift exchanges I signed up for. After that, I'll be putting up TBKS 9, hopefully. Then, I'm going to focus on finishing TBKS, b/c seriously. Let's get that shit done with, Y/Y?

Also: original story is going okay. But I have a crazy question. And this might sound weird. But whatever. WHAT MAKES GIRLS SEXY?!?! That is the question. What do you guys think are the most attractive qualities found in chicks? I mean, kinks are okay too (like glasses or whatnot), but I need to know because I have this feeling my female characters are not punk-ily sexy enough. Or something. *shrugs*
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] xtirpate!! ^_^*

Also, I'm going to be spamming my flist soon by re-posting up my fics here, and maybe in some coms. So, uh, be prepared for that. Not today. But soon. :P

And finally: OMG, wtf mind?! I'm having a fandom-esque dilemma. Two, really.

One: is it better for the two main guys to get together in canon or for there to be obvious subtext? If the two main guys kiss in canon, does that turn off het shippers? I mean, yaoi shippers will ignore the het kissing, so maybe it goes both ways? B/c I need to decide how I'm handling the romantic side of my original shit, and I don't want to really tick off anyone/potentially ruin portions of the fanbase/fandom. But the main guys are totally going to be yaoi. Totally.

Two: what are your feelings on non-fandom friends? I mean, what do you guys do with friends who aren't interested in the fandom at all and generally have the exact opposite opinion as you do? I'm trying to figure out what to do with a very good friend of mine that I haven't seen in around four years (she moved away, now she just moved back). I've been in the fandom since I was eight years old, mind, so I was in the fandom before. We used to hang out just fine, go to see movies or similar shit, but now we're both broke. Also, during those four years, I only hung out with fandom people. She was my only non-fandom friend, and now I'm finding it difficult to find things to do when we hang out together--it's like I've lost my touch for doing non-fandom things. I also sort of feel like, you know, why bother doing something I don't want to just to entertain her? If the both of us can't agree on something, what's the point of hanging out (if we're not going to see a movie or to an event sort of thing, I mean)?

I tried a bunch of stuff, but none of it sparked her interest. She started reading a book during the first twenty minutes of the BSG mini-series b/c she said BSG was boring and she didn't like "space shows", she can't stand SPN (or rather, Sam and Dean's emotional moments on SPN), she also said she thought Dean was an idiotic manwhore, she didn't like that Dexter was from the killer's perspective, she hates all anime and video games, she only watches the HP movies and doesn't really enjoy them... I mean, what else is there? What do people do in this kind of situation? /rant for help

So... ideas, thoughts, anyone?
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Marty McFly's Hyperdunk shoes now available for sale on eBay if you're a millionaire. Here's a bored blogger's SPN S3 awards!! And there's even a whole set of blogs about SPN. I love odd news. :P

My original novel is coming along rockingly. I've developed a team of evil people, which was clearly needed, like Akatsuki, Organization XIII, the Death Eaters, etc. And they sort of rock out hardcore.

I am so excited about finishing this off. I'm hoping to have the first book done by either the end of the summer or the year, so that I can use it as my thesis and then look for an agent and then get it published. It's going to be a five-part series, so I figure, as long as I finish a book a year, it should be cool.

And on the fanfic front: TBKS 9 is giving me hassle, the little bitch. I need to finish off TBKS ASAP, for serious. The SPN challenge fics are being thought up, both short and sweet, hopefully.

Finally: SPN S3 box set comes out 09/02!! YAY!!!!!!! I am so ready to buy it and get all the extras and everything. OMG, and the cover art is so emolicious. Check it out at Amazon, if you can. My computer hates upon me currently and will not let me re-look at it. :(
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Meme time! :)

Ask me a question about each of the following:

1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. LiveJournal

No matter how rude, sexual, or confidential. Then post this in your journal and see what questions you get asked.

gacked from [livejournal.com profile] chexmixh0ttn35. So, go ahead! And see if I'll actually answer. :P

Also, I've really been working on my original novel recently. It's kind of rocking. I'm excited about it! And [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow is already shipping the wrong characters together, and creating all sorts of fandom terms. *le sigh* I'm like, there is no fandom! It's not even finished yet! She's all like, dude, whatever. -_-;;

I've just filled up a 2 GB travel drive with icons and banners, and I've moved on to my second. It's an addiction, I tell you, and it's sad.

Also: I'm completely going to put up the fics I wrote for my SPN comms here at some point, especially because they're getting, like, no comments over there. ;_; I might spam them onto comms, IDK. And I've got this J2 fic in my head that won't leave, so fuck it, I'm going to write it and that's just too bad.

Finally: should I re-do my profile page to be less... ginormous? I'm thinking of making a post for all of my colorbars and whatnot, what do you guys think?


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