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The deadline for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang is Septemeber 15th. Which means I have about three weeks to finish the Apogee prequel, which seems to be impossible b/c it is a VICIOUS SOUL-DEVOURING MONSTER OF DOOM AND DESPAIR WOE BE TO ALL WHO ENCOUNTER IT AND ALSO HORROR. So that's not good.

My birthday is coming up soon. September 10th. I'm saying this b/c that means I'm busier than normal now, since I'm a twin and all and I've got to write a fic for [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow since it's her birthday too. Drat it all. But you want to know what a great birthday present for us is? THE FIFTH SEASON PREMIERE EPISODE OF SUPERNATURAL BITCHES YEAH!! ♥

So I'm still going to try and update Apogee weekly. But NO PROMISES.

I've also been catching up on TV shows, and of course fic, art, and vids. It's so great to be in fandom, isn't it? We have such amazing people doing incredible things for us. \o/

Oh, and I'm almost finished replying to all of the comments I've forgotten about. Then I'll just have 10a's comments to reply to. Yay! :D
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My K/S fic just got posted! It's un-beta'd so I'm sure there are errors, but whatever. *shrugs* I've stayed up literally all night long the past four nights in a row writing it, b/c I wanted to finish it before I posted it, but it looks like I'm just going to write and post simultaneously! WIPs sort of suck, but still, I need some feedback. :P

TV watching shit: I'm mid season 3 of The L Word, beginning of season 3 of House, mid season 1 of Carnivale, 5 eps left of BSG, mid season 5 of QAF, and near the end of what's out for Dollhouse, Leverage, and SCC. Oh, and I'm beginning season 3 of Heroes and my box sets of s1-3 of TOS should be at my house tomorrow, so I can catch up on original Star Trek while I'm writing for STXI! Yay that is so plannish.

Meanwhile: my angst levels are steadily rising. I am hoping positive squee-filled comments to my fic will fix that. *crosses fingers*

Also! I've got to fix my eBay account (something's fucked up in it and I don't know what), AND I've got to fix my icons here. Bah internet housekeeping SUCKS. :(

EDIT: BTW, I'm seriously not ignoring you guys! But now that I'm back out of college I don't have any internet access, really, except for the library. I got here today, but I don't know how often I'll be here. So if I'm not commenting on stuff I should be commenting on, or noticing stuff directed at me, just please send me a comment/e-mail and I'll get to it ASAP! I HEART YOU, FLIST!! <3 (Also, this might mean you'll get more fic from me, so... yay?)
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And by that, I mean I'm working on my lesbian story. OMG, it is verreh, verreh hard. I have this instinctive urge to put in hot guys, and I'm like, no, NO, most resist! There must be hot girls, hot GIRLS! *headdesk*

So, what makes a girl hot? Any ideas? I should get this right for DH, too, actually.

OH! And I can see now that twitter is posting to my LJ when I'm unable to get online. YAY! This means my LJ won't be completely dead for half the week anymore. Although perhaps I need to consider which icon is best? But the Merlin's balls HP/Merlin x-over icon is so fucking epic and win, you know it's true.

And finally! I've converted two people to Harry/Draco and one of them agreed to look over DH (and by agreed, I mean she sort of begged me and was like "OMG that sounds so cool I will totally love to read that when it's out" and I was like "well, I do need people to read it now, you know, if you want" and she was like "I WANT") which is quite awesome, all things considered.

WRITING: wrote three poems for class, next scene of DH for class, and totally stuck on lesbian story for class. I must send that out tonight, no matter how un-finished it is. *le sigh*
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Everyone, go read the awesome sasunaru porn the beautiful [livejournal.com profile] carola_chan wrote for me for my birthday: Spicing things up. It is not her fault that I am a loser and did not even see it until she poked me with it! This is what happens when I don't check my flist for a while. People write me porn and I don't even know it's there! *headdesk*

I need the internet LIEK WHOA.

Also, for kicks and because I saw it over at [livejournal.com profile] carola_chan's LJ, a quiz about what hero you are! My result:

Find out Which Movie Hero Are You at LiquidGeneration.com!

LOL, I just don't see it, really I don't. XD

ALSO: I just finished downloading the SPN episode. I will watch it tonight, promise!! *is OMFG so fucking excited!!*


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