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HI again people! I'm at [livejournal.com profile] jelost's house again for the week, this time with [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow in tow. Here's what I've been doing that you probably don't care about:

- playing Arkham Asylum. HOLLA BACK!! This game is FUCKING PHENOMENAL!! I am loving it. I'm 43% done with it so far, so I'm looking forward to finishing it. Plus, now I can access the section where you can play as the Joker since I'm at the internet now. \o/ I am kicking ass and taking names with solving the Riddler's challenges. XD

- finished watching Oz and I fucking loved it!! Keller/Beecher FTW!! NO SRSLY THO. Where are the fanvids when you need them? ALso finished Band of Brothers (have I said that already?) and loved it!! Winters/Nixon FTW!! Yes I ship them even though it's based on real people and no I don't feel bad about it at all. XP

- currently watching: Animorphs (shipping Tobias/Rachel & Jake/Marco--that last one by accident--they are WAY more slashable in the TV show than they were in the books) & Psych (I am confused about my ship at this point. Probably Shawn/Lassiter even though I'm not convinced yet) & Farscape (John/Aeryn (sp?) totally rocks!). But soon I will be watching SGA and life will be a happy place for me.

- read Hush. Um, WTF it was so not as good as I thought it would be. Batman needs to stop chasing after Catwoman and accept that he and the Joker are in love already. FOR PETE'S SAKE.

- my cell phone is no longer alive due to lack of money. DX No tweets or contact with the outside world for me. *headdesk* Am possibly getting a job to correct the situation, but that would mean less time for writing, which would SUCK. *le sigh*

Things you might care about:

- Apogee 10b is coming along. I re-wrote it b/c of a few comments that had me thinking about something else I should do, but I'm hoping it'll be done soon.

- Apogee BB is totally stalled b/c of 10b, which means either I'll finish it in a rush of staying up all night four nights in a row or I won't finish it at all and put it out later myself.

- working on my first ever fanmix for a fandom I'm in but not currently ficcing for, and it's almost done! \o/

Um, I think that's it? I'll reply to the comments I've gotten these past two weeks later. Right now, I think I'm off to write. Or sleep. Not sure yet. We'll see what happens when I get to the air mattress and have to make the decision to fall upon it or walk by to my computer, which I brought with me for writing purposes.

Just wanted to update now to say I'm alive and working on shit and there's no need for panic. :P

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So I want to watch SGA. BAD. I really want to get into this show and fandom, but I can't dl it and I won't be able to get it from [livejournal.com profile] jelost for another two or three weeks. DRAT IT ALL. But I'm really curious about McShep and the few random, out-of-order episodes I've seen I've loved.

In the meantime, I'll be finishing Star Trek: TOS, Band of Brothers, Oz, QAF, The L Word, Being Human, Psych, and Animorphs. Um, I think that's all on my list right now. *headdesk*

I haven't been able to get Arkham Asylum yet. I'll be getting it this Thursday or Friday. *WANTS NAO*

Also, I'm slowly catching up on replying to comments. I'll probably be finished the next time I get online, which will hopefully be with the next part of Apogee. *crosses fingers*

They're kicking me off of the computer. BASTARDS!! *shakes fist at sky*
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I'm off to go home and not have the internet some more. I'll be seeing you people later, hopefully with Apogee 10b.

Is September a busy month for everyone, or is it just me?

ALSO: OMG BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM IS COMING OUT IN 3 DAYS!! *fangirl freak out ensues* YAY FOR FUCKING REAL YO!! And how awesomely kickass is it that the trailer starts off with a warning that says "MAY CONTAIN CONTENT INAPPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN"? WIN!! \o/
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It's in my friend's car now, just waiting for me to take it home and play it! I got Bioshock, Resident Evil 5 (Collector's Edition b/c they didn't have the regular edition new and I hate buying used games if I don't have to), and Little Big Planet. I also reserved Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition--it comes with a batarang and Dr. Arkham's journal on his pateints! COOOOOOOL!! :D ♥

It took up the majority of my bank account though, lol. Oh well, what can you do about it? Video games are the most expensive hobby known to mankind, srsly. Fandom in general, actually. I must finish cleaning my room tonight to set things up nice and properly. And I must get a job to start making money instead of just spending what I've got. And I must watch TOS, and fic, b/c if I don't finish both soon, lots of people will kill me slowly and painfully while they whine about all the fics I promise to write and don't deliver on. D:

I'd like to reply to the comments on my rant more--maybe tomorrow. *shrugs*

P.S. I feel half-guilty for buying a PS3. It's so expensive! But how else am I supposed to play the games? And I've waited for almost two years already! IDEK, man. IDEK. *headdesk* Hopefully FFXIII, HPHBP, and B:AA will be so awesomesauce that I'll feel totally justified. And you know Bioshock is going to rock--I can't wait to play it! I also can't believe I've avoided spoilers for this long. *runs off to play*

EDIT: Have people seen my music post? Are you guys dl-ing? I want to know! ♥
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Two interesting articles about LittleBigPlanet: Religious outcry sparks LittleBigRecall and New game leads to wedding bells. One video game in which you can propose and piss off Muslims at the same time? That's kind of awesome. Not that I've got anything against Muslims, but pissing off anyone in a religious manner and proposing are sort of complete opposites, don't you think? It would be even better if the couple was gay and the people taking offense to the game's music were Catholic. LOLZ. :D

So people. I've got a bunch of old (and a few newer) fics to post here, that I found and edited a bit. So, what should I do? Poll now with yaoi options! YAY.

[Poll #1281949]

Uh wha?

Jul. 16th, 2008 12:52 pm
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Is Sony really winning the console wars? I figure the PS3 is still too expensive for most people, and anyway, the next FF isn't even out yet. What say you, flist?

No shit.

May. 15th, 2008 09:23 pm
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Apparently, a study was done and it turns out, OH MY GOD, playing violent video games does not make you a psychotic killer.



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