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Yeah, I got linked to a bunch of articles about Obama when I went on Yahoo today. Here's some interesting ones, if you care.

Obama signs order to close Guantanamo in a year - And thank God for that! Maybe we won't be seen as the bully in the playground anymore.

Spokesman says Obama is keeping his BlackBerry - Interesting. I wonder if new presidents are going to finally be connected electronically like most people in the USA are.

What we don't know about Obama - Even more interesting. I like seeing people questioning Obama's ideas and what he'll do. This blind faith some people have is unnerving. Don't get me wrong--I'm very glad he's president. I just hope he can live up to everyone's expectations. It's got to be a lot of pressure.
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Yeah, so I knew Obama would win and I knew it would be a landslide. I'm happy about that, and about the democrats finally having the majority in the Senate again. Sounds like a plan to finally fix some of the mistakes that idiot Bush made.

But OMGWTFBBQSAUCE?!?! Gay marriage was declared illegal in Florida and Arizona. Arkansas voted to ban all unmarried people, gay or straight, from adopting children or serving as foster parents.

And to make things even WORSE, marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts, which means in thirteen states now (Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Oregon) you can get legally stoned off your fucking ass.

So, only in Connecticut, New York, or Massachusetts can you get married if you're gay. In New Jersey, they don't call it marriage, it's still civil unions, but they have all the same rights as marriage, so that's just ridiculous.

ENDING POINT: If marijuana is legalized before gay marriage is, I will be fucking furious.
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So, here's a poll you can take to vote on whether or not you think Palin would be a good VP. http://www.pbs.org/now/polls/poll-435.html. Have at it, people! PBS is running it, so it's pretty neat, and only takes 10 seconds to do, seriously. ^_^*

What I'm writing now: (in case you care) TBKS 9, 2 original short stories, 1 original novel, 3 metas (wincest, SPN overview, and Arkham Asylum), 2 Batman/Joker fics, and some small assignments for class. So, if you're waiting for something, it's coming! Okay? It's coming.

I'm also writing 4 fic challenges for [livejournal.com profile] spn_monthlyfic and [livejournal.com profile] wincest_fic, b/c I suck and I didn't turn in last months and now I've got two more to do, and they're all becoming FREAKING EPIC!! *headdesk* Why can't I just write 500 words and be done with it? [livejournal.com profile] my_sam_dean is going to eat me alive. :(

And I'll check [livejournal.com profile] disguisedgenius soon, I swear I will! In fact, I'll go that right now. ^_^*

Memes!! )
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I AM NOT WATCHING SUPERNATURAL TONIGHT!! Please do not spoil me by either posting comments with spoilers in them or else comments with spoiler icons in them. I am always going to be behind in SPN by one week, and I would really appreciate it if you guys wouldn't tell me what happens before I see the episode. I will flip out at you if you do, fair warning.

Just to have an update, and because I haven't talked about this recently.

Some links to news articles and other similar propaganda:
Brad Pitt donating $100,000 to fight gay marriage ban
GOP senator: A 'stretch' to say Palin is qualified
Obama rebounds in polls as economic crisis bites
Uncovered Questionnaire Shows Republican VP Nominee Palin Opposes Hate Crimes Laws
Sen. Obama's LGBT Q&A with Window Media

OK, so yay for gay rights, Palin sucks, and so on. Apparently, Lindsey Lohan also said to vote for Obama? LOL. I just want to vote and be done with this crap already.

In other news: I am stuck on all of my fanfiction. AKGDSHAHSKJDFJK drat.
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First, I'm pimping out [livejournal.com profile] the_red_string so that I can have two claims and not just one. OKAY PEOPLEZ?!?!

Also, and on that same subject, I've been crazy blog crew-ing recently. Fun times. And I've got loads of old fic and absolutley nothing new to put up. Maybe later or on Thursday. Today is just for catching up on internet stuff. I went through my e-mail and all of the comments on LJ, so if you're expecting something from me and I haven't done it yet, let me know b/c I forgot.

Actually, still to-do today is put up mod posts on [livejournal.com profile] spn_stamping, [livejournal.com profile] spn_monthlyfic, and [livejournal.com profile] wincest_fic. This is what I get for modding. *headdesk* [EDIT: Mod posts are done and life is good.]

First day of my last year of grad school!! OMGYAYZ!! Short Story Writing is at 6 PM, and until then I've got TWEWY to get through. I'm still at the beginning. Drat you, AMVs!! You suck my time and leave me bereft. I took a train, and then walked, and then took a bus to get to college today. To get home, I'll be taking a bus, walking, taking a train, and then walking for about an hour and a half or so back to my house from the nearest train station. This will suck ass. Just FYI.

For anyone who reads TBKS: Not that I'm definitely going to do this or not, but how would you feel about shorter chapters? I've been trying to keep them all at somewhat of a similar length, but the first part of the fic's coming to a close in the next two or three chapters, and I'm just wondering. Also, does anyone really care about Yamato's school life anymore?

EDIT B/C I'M AN IDIOT: I forgot to mention. I'm now definitely voting for Obama. I was at first going to vote for, like, Sasuke or Dean or someone, but the idea of both McCain and Palin in office together in horrifying. So vote for Obama if you don't want America to be destroyed!!

And: I read the first 40 pages of Breaking Dawn all the way through, and skimmed through the rest of Book 1. I hated every single word of it. Except for the part when Jacob briefly shows up at the beginning, the rest all sucked. This series sucks and I hate that I have to read it to be able to keep up in conversation. Can we all go like a good series now? Please? For those of you who share my Twlight hatred, enjoy this absolutely hysterical mockery: [livejournal.com profile] xlormp. You will love it and laugh you ass off, as I have. <3
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Yes, I said it. I don't like Obama and I'm not voting for him. If Clinton is not on the ballot, I'm writing in Dean Winchester. I'm 100% serious about that, too.

Here are the top three reasons why I don't like Obama. Feel free to disagree/debate with me if you feel that I am horribly mistaken in any way!

1. Separate but equal does not work. Sorry, Obama, but I believe we've learned the hard way that separate but equal does not actually mean equality has been achieved. Not to be too obvious, but he does fall under the "black" category, no matter what nationality he is (just like how I fall under "white", regardless of my heritage). This is a lesson he should know already. Why, then, state that he is against gay marriage? Or rather, that the states should decide for themselves? I completely understand McCain saying this, and even Clinton to an extent, but Obama should know better. I don't care how racist this point sounds--I will never get over that he can actually think various groups of people can have separate standards that are equal. Score one for hypocrisy.

2. Change is needed! Sure, but what do you propose? Can anyone point to a plan, or even a few ideas, that Obama has mentioned in order to enact this change he's always talking about? I've looked, and maybe I missed something, but I can't find anything. I mean, he's always saying, "We need change! This country is ready for change! The American people want change!" Sure, I agree--this country needs a whole lot of policies changed. But, what are his plans? Where are his ideas for changing the economy, education, health care, gun control, abortion laws, Iraq, taxes, etc.? Occasionally, you get a glimpse of an idea, but he never seems to plan out in advance what h's going to do. Sorry, but I'd like to know his plans for the country before he's elected president. I know, I'm just a nut like that.

3. His experience with politics is... eight years?! Does that seem just a tad bit ridiculous to anyone else, besides me? I mean, I know the issue keeps coming up, but come on. He served in the Illinois State Senate for eight years, and also ran but lost to be in the U.S. House of Representatives. Does that equal enough experience to run a country? Does he really have enough knowledge of the way a country works to be expected to make the best decisions, especially about foreign affairs? I'm a bit skeptical, and honestly, I don't think that there should be any doubt that a president can handle the job.

So, those are my top three Obama complaints. Can anyone fairly dispute them? I'm willing any thoughts anyone has, regardless of what they entail.

But seriously now... Dean Winchester for President!! Wincest for all!!

Also, check this out: Top Special Places to See Before You Die. It's pretty cool. ^_^*
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Everyone should go there and sign that petition. It's in support of homosexual marriage. The HRC, which you should all sign up to get e-mails from and can be found here: http://www.hrc.org/, is trying to get 1.1 million signatures in support of gay marriage. There's a petition that conservatives have that has 1.1 million signatures opposing gay marriage, so they're trying to match that, or preferably get even more.

If you're at all interested in equal rights for gay people, the HRC is the place to be kept up-to-date on what's up. You don't have to pay any money to get e-mails occasionally. I get the e-mails, sign the petitions, and don't pay a cent. I thought I'd do a bit of advertising for it here, and hopefully if some of you guys aren't doing this already, you will.

On a completely side note... three fics posted! To [livejournal.com profile] hd_500, [livejournal.com profile] spn_monthlyfic, and [livejournal.com profile] wincest_fic! I'll be re-posting them to my own LJ in a few days. My favorite one is "Pay the Piper to Sing His Song", on [livejournal.com profile] spn_monthlyfic. The one I had the most fun writing is "Confessions of a Twenty-Something Internet Addict, or Why Sam Winchester Absolutely Cannot Live Without His Laptop Final" on [livejournal.com profile] wincest_fic. And the one that was the most difficult by far to write was "The Correct Way to Fantasize" on [livejournal.com profile] hd_500. Damn dialogue line. :P


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