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The library is closed over the weekend and I have no time to do anything I need to do. Damn you, lack of internets! DAMN YOU!!

Also, I graduated. I'm now the semi-proud owener of a master's degree in English writing! YAYZ!

I'm 15,000+ words into a Kirk/Spock fic. *le sigh*
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The subject line basically says it all. I stayed up until 7 a.m. last night (this morning?) making icons, and I picked my favorites and put them up. Yay! Now I have a few Young Avengers and The Authority icons to play with. WIN!!

And now I have to figure out which part of my thesis I'll be reading at this presentation thingy we've got to go to. *le sigh* A fangirl's work is never done, srsly.

I'm also in love with the song "Life Less Ordinary" by Carbon Leaf. It's appeared on two fanmixes now, Arthur/Merlin and Apollo/Midnighter, and I actually think it works for basically every pairing I like. I'm thinking I might need to make a multi-fandom vid to it. Y/Y?
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Yeah, so this weekend [livejournal.com profile] jelost visited and we hung around and did basically nothing. Caught up on SPN! WOOT WOOT!! ♥ But we also watched the first three eps of Dollhouse, and I have to say, both [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow and I agree that this is one of the worst shows EVAR. Echo is a dumbshit. -_-;;

I wrote more on my original novel this weekend! YAY! And I wrote the beginning of an Arthur/Merlin dramatic epic, which might rock, and I worked on a few one-shots, which might also rock. Everything will probably get posted in one huge spam session at some point after my graduation.

I'M GRADUATING IN, LIEK, A MONTH U GAIZ. *flails* What will I do with my hard-earned master's degree? Probably nothing. SUCH IS LIFE. *headdesk*

And OMG random--I got a bunch of comments on TBKS the past few days. Yay, but what? I'm shocked anyone is still reading it. IT WILL BE FINISHED AT SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE. KEEP WAITING.

And question about my original novel: who would you prefer to see confess, the more dominant action-hero type guy or the more submissive angsty guy? Well, both of them are angsty. BUT STILL. Think of it like this: is it better when Naruto/Sam/Merlin/Taichi confesses or when Sasuke/Dean/Arthur/Yamato confesses? THOUGHTS!! Maybe Dean and Sam should be switched to the other categories? *headdesk* Whatever. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.


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