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OK, I've got MASSIVE COMPUTER PROBLEMS. And am in DIRE need of assistance.

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Feb. 18th, 2011 02:40 pm
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Yes, I'm posting. There was disaster in my life (water damage thanks to an idiot upstairs neighbor who attached a hose to a sink -- SRSLY WTF) and then more disaster (my computer broke DDDDX), but I'm actually doing OK right now. Not that any of you care at all about that. :P

I've decided not to post Apogee until I have about another 100 pages or so done sequentially from where I'm at now. After thinking it over, it really works out better this way. I'd rather not take a long break again. I really should've just finished it before I started posting, but I got excited. Stupid me.

I'm also almost finished watching Xena. LOLWTF I know. But still. Perhaps worth a mention?

I really need a better time-management system. And to get online every day. Or at least get the internet at my house, I mean REALLY.

ALSO: would anyone be willing to help me on a long-term original novel? I need general opinions, that sort of thing. I'm sick of making money by working retail--I need to be a paid author!! *headdesk* It's urban fantasy, FYI. Just let me know. I need some honest feedback about my stuff, and opinions about characters, plots, etc. YES.

ALSO: I am really working on going to some conventions this year and getting one or two more tattoos. WE SHALL SEE.

I still love you all, even if you have forgotten me. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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I am freaking the fuck out right now. I am in states of unhappiness and disarray. I googled "download Jensen Ackles interview" (because I want to download Jensen's interviews b/c of lack of internet at the house, as you guys know) and this was one of the top results!!!!!!!

Seriously, this is a huge possible spoiler. I don't know if it's true or not but I've heard NOTHING about this and I wish to God it isn't true. OK, so if you don't care about spoilers, or if you already think you know what I'm talking about and want to reassure me it's all a EVIL HORRIBLE VICIOUS LIE then please do so. But otherwise, don't look. SRSLY.



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