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I forgot to say I saw this movie and LOVED IT!!

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I saw three movies! The Proposal, Orphen, and Ponyo. The Proposal wasn't good at all--semi-funny, sure, but I've seen Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds both do such better work. Still, it was kind of cute. Orphen freaked me the fuck out, srsly. What a weird, freaky as all fuck movie. URGH. And Ponyo... SUCKED ASS. DDD: Why, Miyazaki, why?!?! After the greatness of Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, you come out with THIS?!?! *headdesk*

I hate coming to the library. Weird people stare at you. It's just creepy.

Also, my cell is offline for the time being b/c I've got no money, which means I can't update my twitter daily anymore. SADNESS. This is even worse b/c sometimes weird shit happens on twitter that I'm unaware of. Like, I bitched a bit about Maya's book, and then she found out! HOW DO THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO ME?!?! *EPIC HEADDESK* I mean, srsly, I'm nobody in the sea of fandom. If I have to start censoring myself I'll be an unhappy fan with a sockpuppet account. I've never used a second account, though, I've only ever used this one. *le sigh*

QUICK QUESTION! APOGEE READERS: what would you like to see in Othersides 2?
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Okay, people. This is my review/opinion of the HBP movie, so if you haven't seen it yet and want to avoid spoilers you shouldn't read this. Um, obviously. Since it's a movie review and all. I'll also be talking about the book, so same goes for spoilers for the book. Just FYI.


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