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So now that my paid account has renewed, I can have an extra five userpics!! YAY!! This is AWESOME news since I desperately need to have more icons for newer (and older) fandoms.

I just finished season 1 of Homicide: Life on the Streets, and HOMG it is AMAZING!!!!! Like, I-need-to-inject-the-rest-of-the-show-into-my-viens good. I am really feeling it. I'd like to see Tim Bayliss and Frank Pembleton get together, and I got a semi-spoiler that Tim's bi so it's POSSIBLE, but we shall see. But there's like... NO FIC. Or vids. Or icons. OR ANYTHING. And THAT would be why I HATE being so late to the party.

I'm three episodes from the end of Xena (O.M.G.) and half a season away from the end of X-Men: Evolution. So, really, the fact that I haven't posted any fic is all a matter of PERSPECTIVE, since I've been watching all this other fandom stuff.

I will NEVER get tired of the expression "I swing both Rays." EVER. I don't care that I don't ACTUALLY like both (I'm a Fraser/Kowalski whore), but come on. THE EXPRESSION. \o/

Um, that's it. No fic today either. Please don't send assassins after me at my place of residence? Work would be better. :D
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I am having SERIOUS difficulty choosing students to be in school with Iceman, Pyro, Rogue, Jubilee, Kitty, and Colossus in this movieverse fic I'm working on. I know I never talk about X-Men here, but on the off chance someone's aware of some info, could you please pass it on?

I figured maybe the New Mutants, original team with Karma, Dani, Sam, etc? Maybe some of the Generation X and X-Men: Evolution kids? Really, I need a mutant who fits in with the whole rebel thing that Pyro's got going--besides Remy and Lance. I was thinking, maybe Tabitha?

This whole concept of characters in the movieverse being the wrong ages than characters in the comics are is annoying. *headdesk*

EDIT: Also, I think the characters from Runaways and Young Avenegers would be AWESOME, but they're not exactly X-Men and anyway, maybe they're too recent for everyone to know? IDEK. I'd really like a guy telepath, though. Any ideas? I never realized how many telepaths were chicks in the X-verse before. *le sigh*


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