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LOOK AT THIS CRAZY SHIT I FOUND PEOPLE! I seriously cannot believe that people get this worked up over Twilight. I'm sorry, but the series really does suck ass. Meyer's not even a good author. She's average. Her characterization leaves a lot to be desired.

BUT STILL. Tell your friends--dissing Twilight IRL may be bad for your health. SRSLY.

Also, I gave [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow an idea for her epic J2 role-play, and it's funny and awful all at the same time. *evil laughter*

I had something else to say but I forgot it in between now and when I started writing this post an hour ago. *headdesk* My computer's freaking out, though, so I'm checking out to see if Best Buy can fix it. D:

EDIT: I REMEMBER NOW! I changed my header to be more epic. WHAY SAY YOU, FLIST? \o/
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Okay, so after the lj-cut there will be spoilers galore for the Twilight movie, which I saw last night. But first, I'm commenting about the previews.

I had NO IDEA there would be a HBP preview before this movie. Don't know why I didn't think of it before. But I didn't. SO! The HP preview alone was worth the $11 for the movie. I am NOT EXAGGERATING HERE. It was fucking amazing. They show a shot of Draco's face when he's looking in the mirror, and oh my GOD!! Yeah, I forgot how awesome Draco is and how amazing H/D is and how wondrous book 6 is for H/D goodness. I very much hope it will stay that way onscreen. Come on, Tom and Dan! We all know you can do it! <3

The other previews were good too, but HPHBP had half of the theater (which was full of Twilight fangirls, mind) cheering. And that was the loudest cheer the theater gave all night--even louder than when Edward came onscreen. So yes. It was THAT GOOD.

Now for Twilight spoilers... )

And I forgot--I'm so close to being finished with some other fics. I just finished a Batman/Joker one and put it up. So we'll see how everything else goes.

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First, I'm pimping out [livejournal.com profile] the_red_string so that I can have two claims and not just one. OKAY PEOPLEZ?!?!

Also, and on that same subject, I've been crazy blog crew-ing recently. Fun times. And I've got loads of old fic and absolutley nothing new to put up. Maybe later or on Thursday. Today is just for catching up on internet stuff. I went through my e-mail and all of the comments on LJ, so if you're expecting something from me and I haven't done it yet, let me know b/c I forgot.

Actually, still to-do today is put up mod posts on [livejournal.com profile] spn_stamping, [livejournal.com profile] spn_monthlyfic, and [livejournal.com profile] wincest_fic. This is what I get for modding. *headdesk* [EDIT: Mod posts are done and life is good.]

First day of my last year of grad school!! OMGYAYZ!! Short Story Writing is at 6 PM, and until then I've got TWEWY to get through. I'm still at the beginning. Drat you, AMVs!! You suck my time and leave me bereft. I took a train, and then walked, and then took a bus to get to college today. To get home, I'll be taking a bus, walking, taking a train, and then walking for about an hour and a half or so back to my house from the nearest train station. This will suck ass. Just FYI.

For anyone who reads TBKS: Not that I'm definitely going to do this or not, but how would you feel about shorter chapters? I've been trying to keep them all at somewhat of a similar length, but the first part of the fic's coming to a close in the next two or three chapters, and I'm just wondering. Also, does anyone really care about Yamato's school life anymore?

EDIT B/C I'M AN IDIOT: I forgot to mention. I'm now definitely voting for Obama. I was at first going to vote for, like, Sasuke or Dean or someone, but the idea of both McCain and Palin in office together in horrifying. So vote for Obama if you don't want America to be destroyed!!

And: I read the first 40 pages of Breaking Dawn all the way through, and skimmed through the rest of Book 1. I hated every single word of it. Except for the part when Jacob briefly shows up at the beginning, the rest all sucked. This series sucks and I hate that I have to read it to be able to keep up in conversation. Can we all go like a good series now? Please? For those of you who share my Twlight hatred, enjoy this absolutely hysterical mockery: [livejournal.com profile] xlormp. You will love it and laugh you ass off, as I have. <3


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