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You know, I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] jelost and I realized that there are still people who "don't get" RPS. I quoted that because it's an odd phrasing. It's saying that they don't understand why people would pair two guys togther in reality. Now, hey, let me start by saying that the idea of wondering if two famous people are dating is not a new one--celebrity magazines do it all the time. In fact, even lots of non-fandom people often keep up with who might be sleeping with who, and who might be gay, and who's breaking up, etc. So, obviously, talking about and imagining two real people getting together has a huge following of people, both in fandom and not.

Second point: I don't think a lot of people who ship RPS view the guys as "real people". In a sense, they're people who are portraying themselves in a certain manner to please their fans, and that's who you're dealing with when you're reading/writing RPS. You're fangirling over the characters the actors are in your mind, not who they actually are IRL, because of course there is no true way for you to ever know how they act when the cameras aren't rolling. That is the point of RPS, isn't it? To try and determine how the actors interact when they're alone. They become characters just as much as the fictional characters they portray are. If that makes sense.

Not to say that I think they're necessarily faking their emotions or close relationships to please fans. Some do, I think, but not everybody. And there's a certain sense you get from people--a chemistry that can't be faked or manufactured (as Zach is so fond of saying)--and it's that chemistry that people sense and flail over. I do think there's a reason certain RPS pairings are popular and others just don't have as many fans. It's the amount of chemistry two actors have, and depending on how obvious it is, the people who see it are the ones who ship it. There's also the interpretation factor. One interview, when viewed by several different people, can give off quite different vibes.

Specifically for RPS, I only ship three pairings: Chris/Zach, Bradley/Colin, and Jensen/Jared. I'm going to put the rest of this under a cut because it might get long. But here's why I ship them, and also why I think, regardless of whether or not they're atcually dating, they're fun to play with.

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So The Record's TV Times put Arthur and Merlin on the cover with a cute article about it! This was all to celebrate Merlin airing on American television for the first time yesterday! Yay! Woot! Go NBC for making awesomesauce decisions! It's on 8 PM EST on NBC. Anyway, the picture focuses on Merlin sort of smiling and Arthur is in the background, but they cut off half of his face, and the half you can see is his one eye looking at Merlin with a kind of WTF expression on his face. LOL, I totally thought Bradley was thinking "I'm the star! Me, me, me!" The best part of the article was the ending, whcih I shall now type out for all of your reading pleasure:

"It's great casting," Hurt says, "because Bradley is a bit like a prince, and as it goes on, you'll see that his relationship with Colin develops. It's very funny, very cute."

So that's squee-making. Plus, they named it one of Sunday's Best Bets. And LOL, right above that quote is this sentence: "That doesn't mean that there still isn't plenty of humor, with much of it coming from the teen-buddy escapades of Arthur and Merlin." LOL, yeah, okay, Kate O'Hare from Zap2it. Call it whatever you want, we all know it's pre-slash. \o/
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Title: Auctorita quod Obsequium
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kowaiyoukai
Rating: R
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin (pre-slash)
Warning(s): Angst, intentional grammar mistakes, non-chronological scenes
Spoilers: All of season 1.
Word Count: 3,803
Disclaimer: Merlin belongs to the respective creators and BBC. I don't own it.
Beta Acknowledgment: [livejournal.com profile] siriuslyyellow
Summary: What matters is the power he holds and the fact that no one is willing to challenge him for it.
A/N: I wanted to get a fic out before NBC airs Merlin so there is definitive proof that I was in the fandom before then. I get the feeling it might become a badge of honor, like "Oh, you saw Merlin on NBC? Yeah, I saw it before it aired in America." LOL, that's probably just my mind though. I have a few other Merlin fics in progress, hopefully they'll get finished soon. Finally, this idea came from a few fics I read where Arthur has problems with the power he holds as royalty, and I just really wanted to expand on that somewhat. Hopefully it worked!

Auctorita quod Obsequium )
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The Rush of Water by [livejournal.com profile] spiny!! (And the sequel, Rain Wakes Me) B/c any fic that has this in it:

"Kissing never used to be so necessary. God, the taste of him, Bradley thinks, and after the first time Colin pulled away he spent whole weeks watching Colin and his stupid lips and his stupid neck, and remembering the one afternoon Bradley had pushed Colin against the wall of an empty corridor and sucked red bruises onto his jaw, kissed him there until Colin cried out and tugged Bradley's hair and said, christ, your mouth, c'mere c'mere, love, words slipping out like water."

...is just fucking amazing.

See, [livejournal.com profile] jelost? There is PLENTY of good Merlin fic, including RPS, which is really just shocking to me. :P
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So here's my question. If an animated Arthur/Merlin/Bradley/Colin mood theme was available, would anyone be interested in using it? Because mood themes are hard work to make and all. You know. Just asking. :D
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So I posted a request for stuff of the Arthur/Merlin and Bradley/Colin variety at [livejournal.com profile] merlinxarthur and I got yelled at for not f-locking the post. By two different people! I hardly ever f-lock so I didn't even think about it, but apparently people can get into trouble by posting up downloads? Does this make any sense to anyone? Is this a real people show thing, or am I just a moronic asshat, or both?


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